Friday, August 17, 2012

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Fall in Love Bridal Shower

Being event planners means we put extra pressure on ourselves when styling an event for one another.  We want it to be PERFECT.   But when you're celebrating two love birds as perfect for each other as Raina and Scott are, you can't go wrong.  We decided to break with tradition and throw a dinner party bridal shower.  The theme was 'Fall in Love' and we created a warm and inviting mood by using tons of candles and personalized signage .  Birch accents accompanied the pumpkin, plum and grey color scheme.  The adorable hand carved birch "R+S" vases are just another example of how personal touches can make all the difference.  Hope you Fall in Love with this shower and use it as inspiration to celebrate someone you love this Fall!

A Sweet & Spicy Bridal Shower

Bright colors, fun signature drinks and a spunky bride-to-be made this Sweet and Spicy shower over-the-top adorable.  Using inspiration from one of our favorite wedding sites,, we paired rock candy and dried chili peppers for some boxed invitations that definitely made an awesome first impression.  The guests were asked to wear either pink or red and bring either a sweet gift off of the bride's registry or a spicy gift for the honeymoon.  A bartender mixed signature martini drinks and the guests went home with a homemade cinnamon-sugar mix and super sexy undies.  They topped off the afternoon of fun by sharing some sweet and "not so sweet" stories about Savonna.  So. Much. Fun.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Nest Themed Baby Shower

An intimate and charming baby shower was the perfect setting for celebrating baby number two. A turquoise and kraft color scheme was fitting for this gender neutral party and everyone enjoyed sharing their best wishes with mommy by hanging them on the wishing tree.